Lady in White: Adventures in Last Minute Costumes

I am on the Preschool Parents Club (PPC) Board for my son's preschool. A major event organized by the PPC Board is Fall Festival. The children dress in costumes and go around to fair-style booths with games, crafts, face painting, etc.

Board members were instructed to wear PPC Board shirts plus something extra and costumey, such as ears. I realized the night before the event, that I did not have a Board shirt to wear. The Board president reassured me to just come in costume.

I love going in costume to any excuse to wear a costume. However, since I hadn't planned on any opportunities to wear a complete costume this Halloween season, all our costumes were tucked away in our storage unit. At the point I needed a costume after all, I did not have enough time to get one out of our unit before the storage place would be closed!

I also did not want to spend any extra money to go grab a costume or additional pieces to make a costume.

My son went as Swampy from Disney's game Where's My Water? His costume had me thinking about bath time... 

Soon I had my outfit for the next day laid out: white 3/4 length shirt and white pants to be worn under my duckie bath wrap, my hair Turbie, travel soap carrier and cosmetic bag. The cosmetic bag I used as a purse.

When asked what I was, all I could I say was, "I'm just out of the shower!"

I received many compliments, as well as expressions of jealousy over not having to do my hair! Of course, those compliments and comments were from fellow adults. When I complimented one of Hank's classmates on her princess dress, all she could say in reply was "You look weird."

Over the course of the day, I considered other costume possibilities to make with the base of an all white outfit:
1. If your hair is long enough, make Princess Leia buns.
2. If you have some large pieces of black poster board or paper, cut out two large circles: one Oreo cookie coming up!

Have you ever had to put together a costume in a pinch? What did you come up with?